Friday, April 11, 2008

Latest on BBI in the news (including film updates)

Back in November 2007, Philadelphia Weekly discussed Black Brothers, Inc. in the context of the film American Gangster.

In January of 2007, Philadelphia's City Paper dug into the Black Brothers, Inc. film project. The article's author, Mary Patel, wrote that writer/director Vondie Curtis-Hall appeared on television and mentioned he was writing the Black Brothers, Inc. script for "Warner Brothers for Leonardo DiCaprio". She recently added a few more details about the project.

Patel correctly notes that I am not in a position to speak publicly about the behind-the-scenes action taking place with the film project.

There was considerable media attention throughout 2005-06 that I am not linking to here, simply because much of that discussion is outdated (assuming it is still available in the first place). A basic Google search for "Black Brothers, Inc." (including the quotation marks) should suffice for those looking for more coverage. This blog will be updated with new coverage as it appears.